Most Compact & Efficient Compressor For Air Start Carts

The Inovair 3200GS is the most capable, efficient, compact, and lightweight compressor in its class. Designed with a rugged single-stage gearbox and modern high efficiency aero stages, this innovative product was designed specifically for the aircraft jet engine air start application. The 3200GS is designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA by Inovair, the leading supplier of compact geared centrifugal blowers and compressors for aircraft GSE, wastewater and industrial applications.

Inovair Advantages

• High Reliability & Durability
• Superior Efficiency
• Compact & Flexible Design
• Low, User-Friendly Maintenance
• Industry-Leading Support
• Designed and Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

Design Flow:Up to 250 PPM
Design Pressure:Up to 45 PSIG
Drive:Electric & Diesel
Operational Temps:-40°F to 160°F
Impeller:5-axis machined 7075 T6 Aluminum
Lubrication:Centrifugally directed oil mist system
Seals:Aerospace-grade seals
Gearbox:10.29:1 step-up ratio
Weight:110 lbs

Highest Efficiency Aerodynamics

With decades of experience and proven capabilities, Inovair is able to deliver best-in-class efficiency and durability for your demanding applications. This high efficiency, thanks to state-of-the art compressor and gearbox designs, helps optimize both performance and energy consumption. From the impeller blade shapes and volute clearances to the materials and manufacturing processes employed, Inovair provides reliable performance matched perfectly and uniquely to each application.


• Volute Discharge May Be Positioned to Horizontal Right or Vertically Up Position for Installation Ease
• Rugged Single Stage Gearbox With Precision Ground Gearing Assures Smooth Operation With High Mechanical Efficiency and Low Noise Levels
• State-Of-The-Art Aerospace Carbon-Seal, Oil-Free Air
• Self-Contained Oil Mist Lubrication Does Not Require External Connections

Industry-Leading Support

Should an issue arise, Inovair technical and customer service, located at our headquarters in Kansas City, is ready to assist immediately. Our customers rave about the service Inovair provides before, during, and after the installation. As a vertically-integrated supplier, we have readily-available factory parts & service to respond faster and better. Visit our website for testimonials on our superior service.

Designed, Manufactured & Serviced in the USA

When it comes to a supplier’s ability to deliver innovation and quality, location matters. Inovair is not only headquartered in the heartland of America, but most operations, from engineering to manufacturing to service, are within the same facility. Our vertical integration means shorter leadtimes for parts and manufacturing. This creates a collaborative environment with lean design, manufacturing, and servicing practices. Also available to purchase factory direct.