April 2019

Article in “Blower and Vacuum Best Practices” Documents 37% Energy Savings

Blower and Vacuum Best Practices highlights a 37% energy savings at the Sni-A-Bar wastewater treatment plant in the article. This plant in Blue Springs, MO chose to replace two of its positive displacement blowers with Inovair’s IM blower packages, for efficiency and energy savings as well a improved reliability. In addition to this article, a white paper written by Mike Carlson, senior technology engineer at Inovair, details the process improvements that were implemented at the plant along with the blower upgrades, and presents the data that was captured by a third party to document the energy savings.

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Accessible Technologies, Inc, the parent company for ProCharger superchargers and Inovair, celebrates 25 years of innovation and centrifugal compressor leadership! Since 1994, the company has expanded the use of high efficiency geared centrifugal blower technology with forced induction and industrial applications. Inovair is the world leader in forced-air aircraft deicing and compact turbo blower packages for wastewater treatment, and was the first company to develop turbo blower packages specifically for pneumatic conveying. Inovair also is a leading supplier of blowers and compressors for general industrial applications and aircraft ground support applications beyond deicing.

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