IC Series 15-40 HP
IC Series for Wastewater Applications: internal parts view

The first high efficiency centrifugal for lower HP wastewater applications

The Inovair IC Series is the industry’s first high efficiency integrally geared modern design delivers reduced energy consumption, reduced noise/pulsations, less frequent maintenance and improved durability. The innovative IC system design minimizes footprint and allows the use of off-the-shelf economical TEFC or ODP motors and VFDs, along with a simple and affordable control system.

Thanks to these innovations, the benefits of a modern high efficiency centrifugal design are finally available for lower HP wastewater applications.

Standard Specifications

• 10-40% energy savings (relative to pd and multistage blowers)
• The first high efficiency centrifugal for lower HP WW applications
• Lower cost of ownership
• Extremely durable design
• Compact footprint
• Open and Enclosed options for indoor or outdoor installation

IC Series Features

• Energy efficient (~80% isentropic)
• Proven integrally-geared design
• Industry standard components
• Efficient and quiet belt drive
• Simple and low-cost integrated control system
• Multiple gear ratios available
• Unique transmission design allows off-the-shelf, C-Face electric motors
• 15-40 HP Lagoon aeration packages now available
• Engineered and built in the USA
• Capable of multiple start/stop cycles every hour

Technical Information

Flow Capacity150-1200 scfm
Design Pressure4-8 psig
Turndown RatioUp to 2:1
Motor Power15-40 HP (ODP or TEFC)
DriveStandard VFD
Input Power240-480V, 575V 60Hz
Impeller5-axis machined 7075-T6 Aluminum
Control SystemBasic controls integrated within VFD

Flow Capacity: 150-1200 scfm

Design Pressure: 4-8 psig

Motor Power: 15-40 HP

Input Power: 230-575V, 60Hz

Maintenance friendly

Up to 2:1 capacity turndown

Cost effective design to compete against PD/Multistage blowers at low HP levels

30 in. x 32 in. footprint

Uses industry-standard components

Low noise option available