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Get the ultimate in performance and durability with the Inovair line of GSE products. As the leading supplier in both PCA Air Condition Carts and Deicing, the Inovair advanced aerodynamics offers the most optimal solution for your application. The unique drive system reduces belt wear and stress, and allows higher pressure and a broader operating range. Together, the efficiency and reliability lower your total cost of ownership

Inovair is known as the "gold standard" within the GSE industry, particularly for deicing and PCA carts. Unlike some others, Inovair blowers and customers are supported by the advantages of a vertically integrated manufacturer, with Inovair controlling all elements of design, production, and service. All of these activities are performed 100% in the USA, at the company’s headquarters in Kansas City.

Inovair IM-30 Blower Packages


We’ve been designing blowers for nearly 30 years, in some of the most demanding applications. From 4000+ horsepower drag race superchargers to the F-35 fighter jet deicing units, we have the experience and technology to optimize performance and durability. With thousands of Inovair units shipped, over 99.9% of Inovair GSE blowers have continued to perform for military and commercial applications for over 15 years without any need for service.

PCA Mobile Air Conditioning Product Line

Geared centrifugal blowers are ideal for high pressure GSE mobile air conditioning applications. Advanced aerodynamics and a geared drive system enable highly efficient blowers in a compact packaging.
In addition to being efficient, the Inovair systems offer the highest reliability in even the most demanding duty cycles. Service and support are best-in-class, as all systems are designed, built, and supported in the US. The same technology that has made the DB-105 blower the gold standard for forced-air deicing applications has been designed into all our GSE products. Supplying up to 3,200 CFM and 22 PSIG, we offer multiple blower options to serve your specific application needs

Deicing Product Line

Inovair blower models have been utilized in commercial and military forced air deicing for over 25 years, and Inovair is the leading manufacturer of blowers utilized in forced air deicing applications. These deicing blowers are proven to meet the extreme demands of the forced-air deicing market, and the company also offers the most variety of models and features for its customers. With a robust, compact and efficient design, Inovair’s patented gearbox with self-contained oiling and a high step-up-ratio minimizes additional components such as oil tanks, pumps, filters and secondary gearboxes.

Our five Inovair deicing models - DB1-975, DB2-105, DB2-120, DB3-120, DB4-140 - cover 45-150 lbs/min of flow, 1.4-2.2 pressure ratio, and 20-150 HP. A good example of this product in use is on military applications, where pressurized air is forced through a patented rubber nozzle and moves approximately 1,300 cfm at over 700 mph. Impeller speeds exceed 40,000 rpm in intermittent duty usage. The air stream is so powerful that it literally “lifts” snow and ice from the exposed surfaces. This results in faster deicing of aircraft, and reduces consumption of deicing fluid by nearly 80%. This reduction in the use of deicing fluid (glycol) delivers a significant reduction in operating cost and major environmental benefits. Glycol usage is regulated by the EPA, and has mandatory and expensive remediation requirements.

End users include the US Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, commercial airlines and cargo airlines. Inovair is the worldwide leader in this segment since 1999 and has become the preferred supplier for all domestic manufacturers of forced air deicing equipment.


With decades of experience and proven capabilities, Inovair is able to deliver best-in-class efficiency and durability for your demanding applications. This high efficiency, thanks to state-of-the art compressor and gearbox designs, helps optimize both performance and energy consumption. From the impeller blade shapes and volute clearances to the materials and manufacturing processes employed, Inovair provides reliable performance matched perfectly and uniquely to each application.


Inovair excels at aerodynamic design. Coupled with our minimal parasitic losses, Inovair products consistently perform above 80% isentropic efficiency. This equates to a 10-45% energy savings over multi-stage or PD blowers. All impeller stages are precision machined, which allows for tight tolerances, maximum efficiency, and highest reliability.


No expensive service contracts here. Inovair products are designed to be maintained in the field by the equipment operator in just a few minutes. All our maintenance tasks have instructional videos on our website. Total cost of ownership includes the cost of servicing the unit for the useful life. Inovairs products are engineered to require the least effort and lowest cost to maintain.


Not only does Inovair offer proven durability and reliability, but when an issue occurs, Inovair has industry-leading support. Customer service, engineering, and manufacturing are located at our Inovair headquarters in Kansas City. Thanks to our vertical integration and team collaboration, should an issue arise, Inovair is fast to respond and deliver solutions.


Inovair is the only manufacturer of single stage centrifugal wastewater blowers and compressors which performs all of its manufacturing activities in the USA. All Inovair products are invented, engineered, machined, assembled and tested in the heartland of the USA at Inovair’s facilities in Kansas City. The design, build quality, performance and durability of Inovair’s geared centrifugal blowers are second to none.

Advantages of "Made in the USA"
- Incentives/Funding
- Industry-Leading Availability
- US-Based Support
- Best-in-class Parts & Service Turnaround
- Highest Quality


At Inovair, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the efficiency and durability they need, with a solution that is simple to maintain and lowers the overall cost of ownership. When you choose Inovair, you get the best. Call us today to learn how we can help lower your costs.