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Engineered and Made in the USA

Inovair is the industrial products division of Accessible Technologies, Inc. The company was founded in 1994 to expand the application of high efficiency geared centrifugal blower technology within forced induction, aerospace, municipal and industrial applications. Inovair has been the worldwide leader for high performance compressors utilized in aircraft ground support equipment since 1998, is a leader in compact high efficiency blower packages for wastewater treatment, and also supplies blowers and compressors for a broad range of industrial applications. Highly efficient blower design, durable transmission design and space utilization are just a few hallmarks of the Inovair line of geared centrifugal blowers and compressors. All Inovair activities, including engineering, manufacturing and service, are performed in the USA.

ATI Headquarters in Kansas City
ATI Headquarters in Kansas City


For high-efficiency wastewater blowers, Inovair is the only vendor currently Build America, Buy America (BABA) compliant, with all engineering, manufacturing, and support staff based in Kansas City. We regard being "Made in America" as an advantage beyond BABA, which we explore in more detail on our Made in America page. Given our unique position in the market, we have been working with scores of engineering firms, plant supervisors, and municipal leaders to attain BABA funding. We have compiled a list of FAQs, as well as helpful BABA resource documents for your convenience.


Inovair has focused its product line of high performance blowers on three core markets - wastewater, aircraft ground support, and industrial applications. Compared to other technologies, Inovair blowers provide significant energy savings - 10% to over 45% - when compared with typical positive displacement and multi-stage blowers. They also deliver superior durability and maintenance relative to air bearing turbo blowers, as well as lower capital cost, yielding the lowest total cost of ownership.

Visit the application-specific pages to learn more about the product lines available in those markets.


Historically, engineers world wide have utilized the Greek letter “Eta” (η) as the symbol for efficiency. Today, Iηovair brings this focus on efficiency to aerospace, municipal, and industrial markets with a line of highly efficient, durable, quiet and compact blowers and compressors.
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Inovair's successful 30-year history has benefited from the team's learnings in other markets. Working collaboratively under the same parent company, Accessible Technologies Inc., the engineers at Inovair and the engineers at its sister division, ProCharger Superchargers, have refined their respective designs based on lessons learned from the unique challenges of their duty cycles. ProCharger, the leading manufacturer of aftermarketing superchargers, has helped hundreds of racers win racing championships thanks to the superior performance and reliability of its products. For similar reasons, it is also the most popular aftermarket supercharger among street car enthusiasts.

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