Efficiency Advantage

Geared Centrifugal Blowers Are Substantially More Efficient

Efficiency translates directly into energy savings; the higher the efficiency of the blower, the larger amount of energy savings. According to a recent EPA report evaluating energy conservation measures, “Geared centrifugal blowers are a significant area of innovation in offering energy savings”1 Additionally, “single-stage centrifugal integrally geared blowers have the advantage of managing air flow and pressure independently,”1 allowing intelligent control and improved functionality, as well as energy savings.

Typical Blower Efficiencies1

Positive Displacement (variable speed)45-65%
Single-Stage Centrifugal, Integrally Geared (with inlet guide vanes & variable diffuser vanes)70-80%
1EPA, Report 832-R-10-05, “Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures” (September 2010)

The Inovair Advantage

Inovair is leading the way in technology with best-in-class efficiency at substantially lower costs relative to other centrifugal blower technologies.

• Inovair operates at a much higher efficiency (75-80%) than Positive Displacement blowers (PD blowers or roots blowers)

• Efficiency of PD blowers declines as pressure increases, enhancing the Inovair Advantage

• Choosing Inovair typically results in 10 to 35% energy savings over PD blowers (roots blowers)

Efficiency Advantage Increases With Pressure

Efficiency Advantage Increases With Pressure