Sundyne Blower Replacement

Replacements For Legacy Direct Drive Units

Looking to replace a legacy Sundyne B-1000, B-3210, or B-3230? The Inovair 1600-Series are designed as drop-in replacements for Sundyne legacy direct-drive blowers utilized in HVAC carts for the GSE market.

Compact, High Performance Centrifugal Blowers

Inovair is the leading supplier of the most efficient and compact compressor packages in the global PCA and deicing markets. Geared centrifugal blowers are ideal for high pressure GSE mobile air conditioning applications. Advanced aerodynamics and a geared drive system enable highly efficient blowers in a compact packaging.

Best-In-Class Reliability For GSE Market

In addition to being efficient, the Inovair systems offer the highest reliability in even the most demanding duty cycles. Service and support are best-in-class, as all systems are designed, built, and supported in the US. The same technology that has made the DB-105 blower the gold standard for forced-air deicing applications has been designed into all our GSE products. Supplying up to 2,500 CFM and 22 PSIG, we offer multiple blower options to serve your specific application needs.

Inovair 1600GS Wireframe

1600 Series

Designed for horsepower ranges from 25 to 100 HP, the 1600-series is more durable and compact compared to other product in the market. This direct-drive unit is widely used on high-pressure military applications, with flow ranges from 600 to 2000 CFM, and pressures from 4 to 10 psi.


- Designed for use in mobile air-conditioning carts and other industrial applications, including:
   - New designs
   - Replacement of out-dated legacy units
- Compact size / C-face mount
- Up to 100 HP capability
- Robust construction
- Highest efficiency

Technical Specifications

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