Inovair equipment utilized for deicing of Air Force One

Since 1998, Inovair has been the leading supplier of blowers for forced air deicing applications worldwide. 21 years ago, Inovair helped a customer win a large US Air Force contract for forced air deicing, and since then this technology has been a major innovation and environmental improvement, spreading from military ground support operations to commercial operations in both the US and internationally. As noted in a recent article in Ground Support Worldwide, “By applying deicing fluid in such a way, the amount of [deicing] fluid needed to break off frozen debris from an aircraft can be reduced by up to 50 percent thanks to the power assistance of the air flow”. Forced air deicing can also provide more consistent coatings, allow for application from greater distances, and speed up the deicing process.

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Inovair displays at GSE Expo in Las Vegas

Inovair was proud to return to the GSE Expo in Las Vegas to display its industry leading lineup of high performance centrifugal blowers and compressors for the deicing and pre-conditioned air applications. At this show, Inovair debuted the new 1600 model as a higher efficiency drop-in replacement for legacy blower models in HVAC carts and fixed base HVAC, as well as the high efficiency 1200 model for fixed-base HVAC. These new products are a helpful complement to the 2200 model, designed for high pressure applications. Since 1998, Inovair has been the leading supplier of blowers for forced air deicing applications worldwide, and the leading supplier for HVAC carts since 2014. For more information, visit https://inovair.com/mobile-air-conditioning-carts/

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Inovair Displays at 2018 WEFTEC show in New Orleans

Inovair displayed again at the WEFTEC show in New Orleans, showcasing its exclusive lineup of geared centrifugal blowers for the wastewater industry. These innovative blower packages featuring industry leading efficiency and durability, with the least complexity and lowest total cost of ownership. A supercharged motorcycle with an award-winning ProCharger supercharger was also on display, from Inovair’s sister division. Based in Kansas City and with a branch office in Mill Valley, CA, Accessible Technologies (for which Inovair and ProCharger are both divisions) has been designing and manufacturing industry leading geared centrifugal blowers and compressors for nearly 25 years. Inovair is the only manufacturer of single stage high efficiency centrifugal blower packages which designs and manufactures 100% in the USA.

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