TPO showcases outstanding savings from blower upgrade in Paducah, KY

BVBP features 40% energy savings after Inovair installation at Kill Creek MRRF

$42,000/yr savings after aeration blowers replaced with Inovair units

TPO recognizes advantages of Inovair-style blowers

BVBP highlights a 37% energy savings at a Blue Spring, MO wastewater treatment plant

CTO from GWI outlines cost-saving blower technology


Geared centrifugal blowers offering best-in-class efficiency and proven 10-45% energy savings, up to 600 hp.


The leading blowers and compressors for air start units, PCA (carts & fixed base), and forced-air deicing applications.


Innovative solutions for pneumatic conveying, combustion air and general industrial needs.


Using the latest centrifugal compressor, impeller, transmission, cabinet and control system designs.

Inovair: Efficiency Without the Complexity

Inovair designs and manufactures modern high-efficiency, compact, integrally geared centrifugal blowers and compressors, as well as blower packages. These proven wastewater blowers, PCA blowers, air start compressors, and forced air deicing blowers deliver the highest efficiency and greatest durability, all in a compact and lightweight package.

Inovair delivers the lowest cost of ownership, thanks to best in class efficiency provided at a lower capital cost than other blower technologies. This high efficiency results in proven energy savings of 10-40% over rotary lobe PD blowers (roots blowers) and multi-stage centrifugal blowers.

Inovair’s rugged and innovative blowers also deliver savings in maintenance and service costs, and frequently require less infrastructure investment as well. This produces high ROI and quick paybacks, frequently under two years.

Pulsation-free low noise (75-85 dBA) sound profiles improve employee safety and make for a maintenance-friendly environment adding another benefit.


Historically, engineers worldwide have utilized the Greek letter “Eta” (η) as the symbol for efficiency. Today, Inovair brings this focus on efficiency to a multitude of applications with a line of highly efficient, rugged, quiet and compact centrifugal blowers. Our past and our future are defined by our drive to be the most efficient, hence why we include it in our name.

30 Year History in Manufacturing

All of us at Inovair are excited about the opportunity to earn your business with our innovative, efficient, and cost-effective line of Inovair Geared Centrifugal Blowers. Inovair is a division of Accessible Technologies Inc., manufacturer of technologically advanced centrifugal blowers, compressors, and superchargers for 3 decades.

* Note: The claim "The Only High-Efficiency Blowers Made in the USA" is based on November 2023 EPA RFI:

Inovair’s centrifugal compressor technology has demonstrated energy savings up to 40% over positive displacement and multi-stage centrifugal blowers

With models ranging from 15-600 HP and 4 to 55 psi, Inovair products can be adapted to a wide range of applications and air-flow needs

Pulsation-free low noise (75-85 dBA) sound profiles improve employee safety and make for a maintenance-friendly environment

Inovair products come in both stationary and portable configurations, with modular offerings designed to minimize equipment footprint