“Buy America” (BABA) Funding Opportunities for Wastewater Blowers

Why "Buy America" Matters

The benefits of "Build America, Buy America" (BABA) extend beyond promoting domestic socioeconomic factors, which are vast. There are plenty of business benefits, too, when we consider supply chain costs, overall service levels, and ethical practices. And the reason why our customers are interested is that BABA funds are available via the Build America Buy America Act, which encourages municipalities and other government entities to purchase goods and services from American companies.

Supply Chain Benefits

Delays of products and materials supplied from foreign countries have amplified supply chain issues in recent years. The supply chain for manufactured products can be several layers deep. If one component in the layers of the supply chain is interrupted, it can cause a ripple effect that can increase delivery times. Material shortages obviously have a major impact on delivery, but also labor, transportation issues, accidents, and new regulations can also contribute to supply chain delays. Buying USA-made products and materials means that there is less risk of supply chain disruptions, delays to your installation schedule, and faster parts and service turnaround times.

Overall Service Levels

Even if project installation delays are an acceptable compromise, in-service outages are not. To maximize the speed at which service parts can be supplied and product experts can be dispatched, buying USA-made products is key. Typically, American manufacturing also means American customer service, which has proven to be optimal for a positive experience.

Ethical Environmental and Labor Practices

US manufacturing processes are much cleaner for the environment than many other countries. Some materials and products produced in other countries may use dangerous, heavily-polluting processes. And while labor can be cheaper in offshore countries, it often comes at the expense of labor exploitation. “Buying America” aligns our taxpayer spending with better practices.

Build America, Buy America Funds for Municipality Projects

BABA applies to all infrastructure projects under Federal Financial Assistance programs. The definition of a Project is considered any activity related to the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of infrastructure in the U.S. The definition of Infrastructure means anything fixed, permanent, and that serves the public interest.

BABA covers all federal funding and includes all state revolving funds (SRF) as well as the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act. BABA applies to all new Federal funded awards or ongoing Federal awards that receive additional funding after May 14th, 2022.

All iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials must be produced in the United States with final manufacturing in the United States The cost of components that are mined, produced, or manufactured in the U.S. must be greater than 55 percent of the total cost of all components of the manufactured product. Oversight of this law will be handled by the Made in America Office (MIAO).

To comply with the Buy America Act, contractors and suppliers must provide a certification. The government may require additional compliance documentation, such as bills or material, production reports or other evidence to support the certification.

Inovair Blowers Meet BABA Requirements

Vertically-Integrated, Made in the USA

Inovair is the only manufacturer of single stage centrifugal blowers and compressors that performs all of its manufacturing activities in the USA. All Inovair products are invented, engineered, machined, assembled and tested at Inovair’s facilities in Kansas City. Another Inovair advantage is that Inovair is vertical integrated, with the company controlling all aspects of design, production and service, as it allows Inovair to respond quickly to customer needs and at an affordable cost.

State-of-the-Art Materials and Equipment

Our engineering staff makes use of state-of-the-art design programs to bring these concepts to reality. All outsourced items or process (casting, gear work, etc.) are produced in the USA. Inovair machinists faithfully reproduce these designs out of precision grade materials for tremendous strength and performance. All impellers utilize aircraft-grade 7075 T6 aluminum allowing for larger impellers free of flaws typical in cast impellers. These structurally sound impellers are capable of high speed, which produce a reliable and efficient source of air.

Read more about how Inovair is Made in America.

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