IM-40 / IM-50 200-600 HP


The Inovair IM-40 and IM-50 are the company’s largest blower packages, covering up to 600 HP and utilizing the company’s proven, gear-driven, centrifugal blower technology. Inovair’s long history of innovation and manufacturing leadership allows the company to deliver a unique combination of affordable capital cost and low annual operating expense. Driven by high efficiency, extreme durability, ease of service and industry standard components, the IM-40 and IM-50 offers customers the lowest cost of ownership.

Technical Information

Flow Capacity2,600-12,000 scfm
Design PressureUp to 15 psig
Turndown Ratio2:1
Motor Power200-600 HP
Drive6 or 18 Pulse 60 Hz VFD Remote Mounted
Input Power460V–575V
Impeller5-axis machined 7075-T6 Aluminum
Control SystemAdvanced Integrated Controls (UL508)

Inovair Advantages

- Highly Efficient (~80% isentropic)
- Low/Annual Maintenance
- Low noise (less than 85 dBA)
- Compact Design
- Engineered and Built in the USA
- Highly Flexible Control System

Design Features

- Up to 600 HP with Single Compressor Stage
- Proven Reliability, 20-year Design Life
- Non-Proprietary, Industry Standard Components
- Proven Speed-Based Capacity Control
- In-House Panel Shop for Ease of Integration
- Unlimited Life Oil Film Bearing


With no inlet guide vane maintenance or belt headaches, Inovair products are designed to be maintained in the field by the equipment operator in just a few minutes. All our maintenance tasks have instructional videos on our website. Total cost of ownership includes the cost of servicing the unit for the useful life. Inovairs products are engineered to require the least effort and lowest cost to maintain.


Should an issue arise, Inovair technical and customer service, located at our headquarters in Kansas City, is ready to assist immediately. Our customers rave about the service Inovair provides before, during, and after the installation. Visit our website for testimonials on our superior service.


When it comes to a supplier’s ability to deliver quality and availability, location matters. Inovair is not only headquartered in the heartland of America, but most operations, from engineering to manufacturing to service, are within the same facility. Our vertical integration means shorter leadtimes for parts and manufacturing. This creates a collaborative environment with lean design, manufacturing, and servicing practices. This product is also available for purchase direct from the Inovair factory.

Flow Capacity: 2,600-12,000 scfm

Design Pressure: Up to 15 psig

Motor Power: 200-600 HP

Input Power: 460V–575V, 60Hz


Inovair has built a reputation over the past nearly 30 years for quality and excellence. As the #1 player in forced-air deicing, exclusive supplier to the US military and considered the “gold standard” for commercial airlines, Inovair is a trusted manufacturing partner. Our products are well known in the wastewater and general industrial industries for offering superior technologies and overall lowest cost of ownership. To complement our engineering efforts, we lean on our nearly 30 years of dominance as the leading automotive aftermarket supercharger supplier, where we serve applications up to 4,000 hp in the most severe duty cycles imaginable.

Only 2-5 year payback

Almost 30 years in production

Simple, annual maintenance intervals

No maintenance contracts required

Low Noise (75-85 dBA)

Engineered and Built in the USA