Construction Savings With Outdoor Installation

Why Inovair Blowers Lead in Cost Efficiency for Wastewater Treatment Plants

In the design of wastewater treatment systems, choosing the right blower system is crucial for both operational efficiency and cost management. At Inovair, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that not only enhance performance but also offer significant cost savings. One of the standout features of Inovair blowers is their capability for outdoor installation, as Inovair is the only high efficiency centrifugal blower specifically designed for outdoor installation. Let's explore how this feature translates into substantial savings for your wastewater treatment plant.

Cost Savings With Outdoor Installation

Reuse Existing Infrastructure

One of the primary ways Inovair blowers help save costs is by allowing the reuse of existing infrastructure. Unlike other blower systems that may require extensive facility modifications or new construction, Inovair products can be seamlessly integrated with existing concrete pads and control systems. Inovair may be able to reuse the plant’s current variable frequency drives (VFDs). This reuse minimizes the need for additional investments, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

No Building Required

Traditional blowers often necessitate a dedicated building for housing the equipment. This requirement not only incurs significant design and construction costs but also involves lengthy permit approval processes. Inovair blowers eliminate these needs. Our systems are designed to operate efficiently outdoors without the need for specialized buildings. This reduction in building requirements leads to considerable savings in design costs and may bypass the complex permitting process, streamlining project timelines and reducing overall expenditure.

Reduced Construction Time, Lower Labor and Material Costs

The elimination of a building significantly shortens construction time and reduces labor and material costs. Without the need to construct additional infrastructure, projects can move forward more swiftly, have lower budgets, and minimize the environmental impact of construction activities. Plants can become operational faster, resulting in earlier realization of benefits and a more efficient use of resources.

Designed For Outdoor Use

Outdoor-Rated Enclosures

Inovair blowers come with outdoor-rated enclosures as a standard feature. These enclosures are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance without the need for additional protective structures. This inherent durability makes our products ideal for outdoor installations, providing peace of mind and consistent operation.

Disintegration Allows for VFDs Indoors

Our innovative design also allows for the option for dis-integration of components, meaning that VFDs can be located indoors while the blowers themselves remain outside. This flexibility not only protects sensitive electronic components from harsh environmental conditions but also simplifies maintenance and accessibility.

Quiet Operation

Noise pollution can be a concern for wastewater treatment plants, especially those located near residential areas. Inovair blowers operate at a quiet 75 – 85 dBA. This quiet operation is beneficial not only for the plant workers but also for the surrounding communities, promoting a harmonious coexistence with the neighborhood.

Choose Inovair Blowers

Choosing Inovair blowers for your wastewater treatment plant is a decision that brings multiple layers of cost savings and operational benefits. As a US-based manufacturer, we also offer a host of benefits that go beyond our high-efficiency product technology, including BABA compliance and US-based service and support. To learn more about other ways Inovair blowers offer you cost savings and enhanced efficiency, please visit our product overview for Water and Wastewater Treatment.

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