Proven Durability

Proven Technology for Demanding Applications

Inovair’s 2200 blower is an integrally-geared centrifugal blower traditionally used in applications where efficiency and reliability are paramount, such as gas turbines (aircraft and stationary), pipeline and oil eld compressors, air-conditioning and refrigeration. A two-stage gearbox is integrated into the blower unit providing the necessary impeller speed.

Inovair Specifications

- 2200 gearbox is rated up to 75 HP
- 2200R gearbox is rated up to 125 HP
- L10 bearing specification, minimum 10 year life at 24/7 operation
- High precision gears manufactured to AGMA 11 standards
- Assemblies balanced to G2.5 balancing standard
- Lighter weight and more compact than equivalent PD’s as well as more efficient and reliable
- Tolerates media ingestion better than PD blowers

Industry Standard

Centrifugal technology is inherently more efficient and longer lasting than positive displacement designs. For applications where efficiency and durability are most important, such as aerospace, municipal wastewater, petroleum exploration, and natural gas compression, centrifugal/turbo compressors are the industry standard. The efficiency islands in the Centrifugal Operating Map (above, right) represent actual Inovair turbo blower performance.

Centrifugal Operating Map