Obtaining Build America, Buy America (BABA) Funding

The Only High Efficiency Wastewater Blower Made in the USA: Inovair

The first step in qualifying for Build America, Buy America Funds is to select a qualified partner, one that meets the "Made in America" requirements. For high-efficiency wastewater blowers, Inovair is the only vendor currently BABA compliant, with all engineering, manufacturing, and support staff based in Kansas City. The Inovair 4-building campus also includes a ASME PTC-13 test lab and a UL-certified controls panel shop. Given our unique position in the market, we have been working with scores of engineering firms, plant supervisors, and municipal leaders and have compiled a list of commonly asked questions we think may help others.

FAQs for Build America, Buy America Wastewater and Municipal Projects

At Inovair, we understand the importance of Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA) standards in wastewater and municipal projects. Here, we've compiled a set of frequently asked questions to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the Act’s requirements and standards apply to our high-efficiency blowers.

1. What is the significance of Build America, Buy America in wastewater projects?
Answer: Build America, Buy America requirements aim to promote the use of domestically manufactured products in federally funded projects. Under the Act, any infrastructure project, including wastewater projects, that is partially or completely funded with Federal Financial Assistance funds is required to use American made products. This ensures that federal investment supports American manufacturing and infrastructure.

2. How does Inovair's commitment to BABA impact municipal blowers?
Answer: Inovair is proud to uphold Buy America Build America standards in the production of our municipal blowers. This commitment ensures that our blowers contribute to the growth of American manufacturing and align with the goals of national infrastructure development.

3. Are Inovair blowers compliant with Buy America Build America requirements for municipal projects?
Answer: Absolutely! Inovair blowers are meticulously designed, manufactured, and supported in the United States. Our commitment to compliance with Buy America Build America standards makes our blowers an ideal choice for municipal projects seeking quality and adherence to federal funding requirements.

4. What advantages do municipalities gain by choosing Inovair's BABA-compliant blowers?
Answer: Municipalities benefit from Inovair's BABA-compliant blowers by not only receiving top-tier, high-efficiency equipment but also by supporting American manufacturing and innovation. Choosing Inovair means investing in the American economy and supporting the growth of national infrastructure. As an added benefit, Inovair customers enjoy shorter lead times for parts and service than foreign-made blowers, thanks to Inovair’s domestic supply chain and vertically integrated manufacturing process.
5. How does BABA compliance impact the funding eligibility of wastewater projects?
Answer: BABA compliance is often a prerequisite for federal funding eligibility in wastewater projects. By choosing Inovair's BABA-compliant blowers, municipalities enhance their chances of securing federal funding and contribute to the overall success of their projects.

6. Can Inovair assist in navigating BABA requirements for specific wastewater projects?
Answer: Certainly! Inovair is committed to providing support and guidance for our customers. We understand the complexities of BABA requirements and can assist you in ensuring that our blowers align seamlessly with the specifications and domestic sourcing requirements of your wastewater project.

7. Is Inovair's commitment to BABA limited to specific blower models or applications?
Answer: Inovair's commitment to Build America, Buy America extends across our entire product range. At this time, there are certain high horsepower blower packages in our product line, generally above 400 HP, for which we are working diligently towards the 55% domestic content requirement and BABA compliance. Below 400 HP, Inovair blows packages for the wastewater market are BABA compliant.

We hope these FAQs provide clarity on how Build America, Buy America standards intersect with wastewater and municipal projects, and how Inovair's BABA-compliant blowers can be the best solution for your wastewater project. For more details, visit our BABA Funding for Municipal Blowers page.

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