Aeration Controls

Flexible Control Systems

Controls for aeration equipment are essential for providing precise airflow for process control and energy savings. Inovair experience in the MWWT industry has allowed our team to gain a great deal of knowledge with respect to blower control systems and allows us to offer flexible control systems at very cost effective pricing.

When evaluating Master Control Panels (MCP’s) for aeration control, it is important to understand the treatment process and how the blowers function under different conditions. Inovair has MCP’s specifically designed for many different processes including:

  • Activated Sludge/Aeration Basins
  • Digesters
  • Lagoons
  • SBR’s
  • EQ tanks
  • MBR's
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Inovair in-house panel shop

Inovair can help guide you, whether it is a most-open valve (MOV) scheme or a common-pressure header (CPH) scheme. All of Inovair's control panels are designed, manufactured and programmed in our Kansas City facility. We have a UL 508A certified panel shop and primarily use industry standard (Allen-Bradley) components.

  • Standard and custom master control panels
  • Allen-Bradley PLC’s (MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix)
  • UL 508A rated
  • Multiple sensor inputs (including DO, ORP, PH)
  • Standard and Custom outputs
  • Ethernet Modbus
  • Easily integrates into SCADA

Optional Control Functions

Inovair’s control panels offer a variety of standard and optional control functions. The LCP is capable of manually controlling a single blower and provides energy savings features such as automatic temperature and pressure compensation. This Allen-Bradley MicroLogix based control system provides excellent process control in single blower applications such as lagoons, digesters and aeration basins.

The MCP provides single-point of control for multiple blower applications and easily interfaces with SCADA or external sensors (DO, ORP, etc.). The MCP can be programmed to operate in either MOV or CPH control schemes and can be configured to control other process actuators and relays, as well. The MCP utilizes Allen-Bradley PLC’s (MicroLogix, CompactLogix or ControlLogix) which easily integrates into most plants existing control systems or can function as a stand-alone aeration control system. Please contact Inovair to learn more of how our in-house developed control systems can help your plant's process control.

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FunctionLocal Control PanelMaster Control Panel
FunctionLocal Control Panel (LCP)Master Control Panel (MCP)
Manual Blower ControlXX
SCADA InterfaceXX
Automatic Temperature CompensationX
Automatic Pressure CompensationX
Run-Time CounterX
Feedback Control (DO, ORP, etc)X
Multiple Blower ControlX
Run-Time BalancingX
Lead-Lag FunctionalityX
Air Valve ControlX
Maintenance RemindersXX
Auto-Restart After Power OutageX