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Inovair IM-30 Blower Packages

Best Solution For California Blowers: LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP

We’ve been designing blowers for nearly 30 years, in some of the most demanding applications. From 4000+ horsepower drag race superchargers to the F-35 fighter jet deicing units, we have the experience and technology to optimize performance and durability. With thousands of Inovair units shipped, we’ve observed energy savings of up to 40%. If you are looking to reduce total cost of ownership, look no further than Inovair.
When you consider the cumulative costs of the capital equipment purchase, installation costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, and downtime costs from unplanned equipment issues, Inovair has the best offering on the market. Lowest cost of ownership is our key objective when designing, manufacturing, and supporting our products. Here are some of the key differences that give Inovair an advantage:

Wastewater Product Line

The Inovair wastewater product line consists of the IM-Series, which is completely gear driven, and the IO Series, which has both a belt drive and a gear drive. The product range covers from 15 horsepower to 600 horsepower, making our blowers a perfect fit for all wastewater applications. Unlike other technologies, we employ an integrally-geared, centrifugal design that allows the blowers to operate reliably in extreme conditions.


Inovair has several California-based blower installations. As captured in this case study, a winery facility located in King City, CA represents a high strength wastewater application, with season spikes in load and an outdoor installation location. The facility processes over 2 million gallons of product a year and the wastewater from this process is treated with an extended aeration lagoon system. The flows to the lagoons spike dramatically during harvest season, which typically runs September through November, where the demand on the wastewater treatment system can increase by as much as 60%. Therefore, the target blower system was required to have the ability to turn down when the treatment demand was reduced.


Inovair is the only manufacturer of single stage centrifugal wastewater blowers and compressors which performs all of its manufacturing activities in the USA. All Inovair products are invented, engineered, machined, assembled and tested in the heartland of the USA at Inovair’s facilities in Kansas City. The design, build quality, performance and durability of Inovair’s geared centrifugal blowers are second to none.

Advantages of "Made in the USA"
- Incentives/Funding
- Industry-Leading Availability
- US-Based Support
- Best-in-class Parts & Service Turnaround
- Highest Quality

More Inovair Wastewater Case Studies

Read specific examples where Invoair has been the most cost effective, reliable solution.

Wastewater Case Studies

“The Inovair blowers required half the horsepower of our old blowers. They are a quiet, cost effective and compact package which has all around exceeded our expectations. If another plant manager asked my advice, I’d tell them to definitely go with Inovair”

Josh YoungbloodAssistant Water Quality Superintendent, Nixa Wastewater Treatment Plant

“I was very impressed with the efficiency of these units. The Inovair blowers provided more airflow with reduced kW consumption and maintained a more consistent DO level”

Jesse CoxSuperior Electrical Contractors

“Following a side by side evaluation comparing the energy consumption between the IM blowers and the positive displacement blowers, the Inovair blowers exceeded the anticipated energy savings. Along with the energy efficiency [37% reduction in energy consumption] we believe the operation and maintenance costs of the equipment will also result in additional savings. The entire Inovair team was extremely informative and helpful”

Jeff MockPublic Works Operations Manager, Blue Springs, Missouri

“With 45% energy savings over our previous multi-stage blowers, this project pays for itself very quickly”

Scott MillhollandSupervisor, Kill Creek Water Resource Recovery Facility

“Inovair has offered a different twist on turbo blower technology ... which lends simplicity and energy savings. The company’s blowers are integrally geared and use noncontact oil-film bearings, are designed for a broad turndown range to fit variable aeration requirement … and provide an efficient and low-maintenance solution for wastewater treatment plant aeration”

September 2019

“Sni-A-Bar Wastewater Plant Saves $42,000 Annually in Energy with New Aeration Blowers”

April 2019

“Inovair, the industrial products division of [ATI], identified a gap in the market and was ready to launch its geared centrifugal blower for the municipal waste water market in 2012. When a full lifecycle analysis is performed, high efficiency blowers often offer a 2-3 year payback on incremental capital price.”

October 2019