Excellence in Blower Testing: Inovair Participates in the BVBP Webinar on ASME PTC 13 Testing

Black & Veatch, Jacobs Engineering review PTC 13 testing at Inovair

Early in 2024, Inovair was invited to participate in a Blower & Vacuum Best Practices webinar that focused on ASME PTC 13 testing. This interactive webinar, featured keynote speakers Julie Gass, Lead Mechanical Process Engineer at Black & Veatch, and Hiran de Mel, Senior Project Manager and Principal Technologist at Jacobs Engineering. They discussed the practical application of conducting ASME PTC 13 testing at a manufacturer's blower test facility. This testing at the Inovair PTC 13 test cell involved two separate projects, with the blowers shipped to the customers after final acceptance testing.

If you missed attending this PTC 13 webinar on January 25, 2024, you can download the slides and/or watch it on demand.

Why ASME PTC-13 Matters

ASME PTC-13 is the latest industry standard, specifically designed for the comprehensive evaluation of "wire to air" performance. Its primary goal is to determine total electrical operating power, providing a method to validate manufactures claims on efficiency and power consumption.

Embracing Technological Advancements

The introduction of ASME PTC-13 marks a significant shift from the previous ASME PTC-10 test standard. This change not only reflects an evolution in testing methodologies but also underscores the industry's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Advantages of ASME PTC-13

ASME PTC-13 brings with it a key advantage – the ability to substantiate performance claims made by manufacturers. By eliminating the need for estimating or extrapolating efficiency claims, this standard sets a new benchmark for accuracy and transparency in blower performance testing.

Inovair's Dedication to Excellence

Inovair, known for our dedication to innovation and excellence, was excited to share our design philosophy and expertise during this webinar. Our participation went beyond showcasing products; it was an opportunity to engage with industry peers, fostering a collaborative environment that propels the field forward. We believe in pushing the boundaries of excellence and this event was a fantastic opportunity for industry experts to explore the nuances of blower performance assessment.

Our Door Is Open...

Whether you were able to join us at the webinar or you contact us at your convenience, we look forward to exchanging insights, sharing knowledge, and collectively contributing to the continuous improvement of blower testing best practices.

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